Social Media Kit Video Overview

Get Social with LittleBird!

Hey there! We have created a social media brainstorm that you can use to promote LittleBird and show how LittleBird makes you stand out from the rest. The goal is to help you share what LittleBird is and why it is such an asset to your community.

To help reach a bigger audience, tag us in your photos or mention @golittlebird so we can re-share it!

Image Ideas

• LittleBird intro post

• Product imagery

• Community aspects

• LittleBird Video Intercom imagery

• App mockups

Hashtag Ideas

#LittleBird #SmartAccess #SmartHome

#SmartCommunity #SmartTechnology

#ApartmentGoals #SmartApartment

#HomeAutomation #LittleBirdLiving

#GoLittleBird #LittleBirdCommunity

Helpful Images

We have created a few different LittleBird photos and captions to go together so that you can post them on your own. These photos can be posted on any platform of your choice and can be used to promote your community by showing you have integrated with LittleBird. 

We split the posts into different topics so that you can pick and chose which ones are best for you. Inside these topics are several different posts for you to choose from. You can use all of them or just the ones you like. Maybe you would like to come up with your own caption but use the photo or maybe you would like to use the photo but not the caption. That is all up to you. These are made to give you some resources about how to promote your community with LittleBird.

You can download all the images here.

Social media posts:

Download the images here and copy and paste

the captions below into your desired platform.




We are proud to announce our partnership with LittleBird to bring residents the most modern and convenient experience on the market. LittleBird is a resident experience platform that specializes in Smart Access, Smart Home, and Smart Community features. To learn more check them out @golittlebird.


With LittleBird’s technology, we bring residents and property staff better unit management, security, community connection, and more. To learn more about installation, reach out to us today.


Finding the right intercom system can be a difficult task. Luckily, the LittleBird Video Intercom System is an easy pick with its durable design and intuitive technology.


Partnering with LittleBird means that we provide amazing technology that improves the lives of residents and property staff alike. We integrate technology like smart thermostats, lights, sensors, locks, and more.


The LittleBird Video Intercom System brings improved security and convenience to each property and all its residents. We proudly integrate LittleBird’s product into properties to bring these benefits to many more people.


One thing we love about LittleBird is the community it brings. When you integrate LittleBird into your property through us, your residents can access great features that help them connect with their neighbors.

We look forward to getting social with you! Please reach out if you have any questions.

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